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Noir Vol. 2, Marko Manev

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Super Hero Artwork


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I’d be nervous to overhype this show that opens Friday night at G1988 (West) with Aled Lewis’s first solo show, “Such Pixels,” but it’s humanly impossible. In the tradition of Olly Moss’s “Paper Cuts” and Mike Mitchell’s “Just Like Us,” Aled has produced an overwhelming amount of pop culture / video game inspired work, broken into different series (the 3 above are part of a larger section, while the Tecmo Bowl x Forrest Gump piece is part of a different series), with each piece being smarter and wittier than the next.

Join us Friday night, Feb. 7th, from 7-10 PM, as Aled will be in attendance at G1988 (West). Trust me, you’re going to freak out.

Saturday Night Live did a parody of Spike Jonze’s Her. This is Me, starring Jonah Hill

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Artiphist DZO Oliver (behance / facebook)

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Yukino Ohmura

Colored round stickers on paper and the imagination of Yukino Ohmura, such a simple idea with such an amazing result!

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Joaquin Phoenix in Spike Jonze’s Her (2013)

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